November 2014 Iron Range NP Cape York

Tales of the location of an active Fawn-breasted Bowerbird's bower and a pair of Yellow-billed Kingfishers working a termite mound was enough to send us on quick trip to the Cape.  

Rarely seen let alone photographed these birds are highly sort after Cape York endemics.  


August 2014 KIMBERLIES

Beautiful threatened Gouldian Finches, rare and elusive wildlife and breath-taking scenery made our most recent trip to the Kimberlies a great success.


Gouldian Finches seen in large flocks around Wyndham. 


The beautiful, shy and rare Monjon is the smallest of the rock wallabies and found only on the Mitchell plateau in the far north west.


The Endangered Northern Quoll, Yellowfaced race of the Partridge Pigeon and the Northern Brindled Bandicoot were other animals found on the Mitchell Plateau.


Seascapes from Roebuck bay near Broome WA.


Boab sunset near Wyndham.                                                 This spectacular scenery is found at the very remote Western Lost City, wesrtern Gulf NT.

June 2,3,4 

Goshen Stn in north Queensland has some of the most breath taking waterfall scenery you will see anywhere.  


February/March 2014  

A trip was conducted to southern Queensland, NSW and Canberra primarily to target Australian parrots and cockatoos.  Of specific interest were the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo in southern Queensland and the Gang-gang Cockatoo and Superb Parrot in the Canberra area.  In Sydney the aim was to find and photograph the Powerful Owl.

We were confronted with recent heavy rain in SW Queensland which made going difficult on the unpaved roads, however it was much needed by the farmers and wildlife alike. 

Although difficult to find at first a pair of Major Mitchell's Cockatoos was finally located feeding on paddymelon fruit on the side of a track. Morning and evening we (the cockies and I) would rendezvous at the paddymelons, them to eat and me to photograph.  By the end of the third day the cockies allowed a reasonably close approach and the following photographs were obtained.


The Canberra area proved very productive.  With the help of good friends Horst and Kay Hahn both the Superb Parrot and Gang-gang were found and photographed.


Surprising as it may seem Sydney metro area is a great place to target the Powerful Owl.  With the help of another friend David Stowie, this female with a ring-tail possum was located in the Epping area.  


 A visit to Toronga Zoo also proved excellent for photography with these Sumatran Tigers waiting to be fed proving particulary photogenic.


We knew we were almost back home in North Queensland when this noisy Channel-billed Cuckoo chick attracted our attention.  The poor magpie was having a difficult time keeping food up to her two very large foster kids.




November 2013

A very enjoyable few days with Steve Parish in the Daintree region of Far North Queensland.  

We are pictured below on a personalized boat trip with the 'Daintree Boatman', Murray Hunt.

The beautiful Daintree river presented many landscape and wildlife oportunities.

The Daintree river boasts some beautiful and unusual birds.  Perhaps the most noteable is the Great-billed Heron.

Some other birds.

Papuan Frogmouth, Shinig Flycatcher, Wompoo Pigeon